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The Intsika Agriculture and Food Network (IAFN) is a news syndication platform that aims to develop and disseminate agricultural and food information for end-users through the use of the mass media in order to enhance consumer empowerment, nutrition, innovation and improved production methods, as well as job creation and food security.

IAFN is an independent association with a focus on rural and community media; and stakeholders whose main objective is the creation, sharing and distribution of informative content to end-users. We produce and collect information from various sources and supply an end-user focused version thereof.

In addition to serving the vast range of multi-media platforms nationally, IAFN also supplies non-media subscribers. These include government departments, NGOs, consumer platforms, farmer associations and agribusinesses. We are also a prime distributor of industry press statements and notices.

Through our current media partnerships we reach in access of 200 000 people per month. Our content receivers include, farmer associations, consumers, young people, entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals. Our approach is informative, socially-aware and development driven.

Our address: 44 on 26th Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0001

For more information email: emily@agrimediasa.org or call Peter Mashala at: 084 484 4049

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