What we do

The iAgriFood Network approach is built upon the paid-for content model, we therefore create exclusive or targeted content for clients and publishers. Partnerships form the basis of our news and information platform. We provide a diversified content offerings in the form of print, digital, audio and video – offered on a subscription basis to media outlets.

Information Partnerships

Businesses and Industry Stakeholders: By extending your information reach through IAFN, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Communicate to consumers and the public at the same time
  • Reach rural, urban and targeted communities through IAFN
  • Have a guaranteed audience for your content and information
  • Introduce new audiences to your message and or products
  • Have journalists at your disposable for content production
  • Use a central platform for content marketing and sharing

IAFN has a variety of information cost packages for content sharing arrangements which can be customised for every client.

What problems are we solving?

We aim to strengthen and create meaningful information linkages between stakeholders and communities through the provision of useful content on a consistent and national basis through various platforms to inform, empower and grow appreciation as well as understanding of food and land issues.

  • Address limited content on food matters
  • Empower people who have access to land
  • Provide the public with helpful info (g. accessibility, availability, nutrition)
  • Communicate food trends and news
  • Promote the value of agriculture
  • Assists community media with content

Targeted content for


Opportunities for targeted and customised advertising.


Get exclusive access to informative news and content.


Latest news, information, trends and human interest stories from our network.

How the platform work’s


Receive and source
info from partners/stakeholders

Assess info received – goal, audience and message


Editorial team input

(processing of content and format)

Reproduction team
(fact-check, repackage or repurpose)

Production team
(final – recheck)


Distribution team
iAFN Platform > Publishers  > Editors  > Media Platforms > Public

Follow-up with clients
Assess media response & need for more information

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